Civil Affairs Crest

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Civil Affairs Crest.

24 inches multi-layer crest.

The Civil Affairs Regimental Corps Crest is one of the Army's 14 Regimental Corps Crest insignia. The scroll and sword depict the civil and military aspects of the organization. The torch refers to the Statue of Liberty, a symbol associated with the spirit of democracy of the United States. The border emphasizes unity, continuity and the whole regimental concept. The globe signifies the extensive scope of the mission of the Civil Affairs Regiment. Purple and white are the colors traditionally associated with Civil Affairs. The scales represent balance and normality; while the gauntlet denotes the military's role in establishing, administering and protecting the equilibrium. The gold coloring on the insignia is emblematic of honor and achievement. The Regimental Insignia was approved for wear on April 14, 1989.


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